About Us

Entrepreneurship is hardcoded into our team's DNA. Having each run companies of our own in the past, our team is well versed in the day-to-day challenges of scaling a business. These experiences have fueled a passion for helping brands grow profitably and succeed. We are motivated by the challenges that come with developing, launching and scaling eCommerce businesses and navigating the ever-changing digital and social landscape.

Meet the Team

  • Zach Stuck Zach Stuck Founder / CEO
  • Nathan Litt Nathan Litt Head of Operations
  • Ryan Doney Ryan Doney Lead Developer
  • Tim Aton Tim Aton Media Buyer
  • Riley Trotter Riley Trotter Media Buyer
  • Connor Rolain Connor Rolain Media Buyer
  • Asher Edwards Asher Edwards Multimedia Designer
  • Veda Stuck Veda Stuck Content Creator

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